Compulsory health insurance funds

Clinical-psychological diagnosis and psychotherapy are services in the health sector whose costs are partly covered by the compulsory health insurance funds, as long as the examinations and the therapy are done by psychologists or psychotherapists recognized by the health fund.

I am one of the clinical psychologists and psychotherapists in Vienna who the health fund recognizes as a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist of choice. If clinical-psychological diagnosis or psychotherapy is done in my practice, your health fund will reimburse you for parts of the costs.

For those alternative psychologists and psychotherapists recognized by the health insurance fund (as with alternative medical doctors of your choice), the costs are reimbursed at the valid insurance fund rate less a 20% retained amount, as long as the patient can produce a medical referral slip.


Private insurance

Depending on the insurance policy, private insurance companies in general reimburse more than the compulsory health insurance funds. The refund of costs often includes not only clinical-psychological diagnosis and psychotherapy, but also counselling.