Psychoanalysis is a method originally developed by Sigmund Freud to investigate the unconscious part of the psychological life.

Since then, psychoanalysis has developed in various directions, with some continuing to develop psychoanalysis in basic agreement with Freud, and others sometimes strongly deviating from Freud. All in all, psychoanalysis has stood the test of time – enriched by the continuous differences in psychoanalytic theories and methods – and today it is available to us in a more sophisticated form.

Different from the so-called practicing and training procedures, psychoanalysis is a revealing therapy, which attempts to convey to patients a deeper understanding of the original (usually unconscious) connections in their lives.

In a narrower sense, psychoanalysis is a treatment whose goal is to restructure the personality, and the world of feelings in particular, in those areas that contribute to sustaining psychopathologic aspects (symptoms, personality characteristics).

Psychoanalysis is especially meant for people who, as a result of personal suffering or in the interest of self-exploration, want to find out more and reflect more upon themselves, and want to know, understand and change themselves in a fundamental way.