The term Coaching describes a goal-oriented counselling process of limited duration focusing basically on the working and, when required, also on the private life of the client.

Most clients seeking coaching wish to change their present situation. Many of the problems and terms of reference include issues such as: understanding roles, coping with limitations, communicative skills, preparation and implementation of important projects, leadership, dealing with conflict situations and personal development.

Therapist and client jointly draw up and formulate the exact terms of reference and set the appropriate goals and strategies for achieving the desired result. The emphasis may be on a personal level or on a relational and system level. Addressing your issues and the increased self-reflection this involves lead to a greater understanding and optimisation of your behavior. 

In Supervision, too, counselling is related to the work environment. The goal here is to secure and improve the client’s ability to work and performance. In supervision, we develop a deeper understanding of your work situation and improve your ability to act and understand your own role and that of those around you.

In coaching, the ability to function is the central focus; in supervision, the emphasis is more on the person.